Pass PMI Project Management Professional (PMP) certificate help? During the exam, read the questions carefully. I know that this may sound obvious, but most of the information is there, so try to find keywords or concepts that could relate to one answer or another. Don’t get frustrated. If you do not know one question at the first read (this will happen), do not struggle too long and mark the question so that you can return to it later on. The most important thing is to be calm! Don´t always look for the right answer. If you are sure that one of the offered answers is not true, discard it. If you discard those answers that you are sure are not the right one, you can instead focus on those that really make a point.

In 2018, there were over 800,000 PMP certified individuals across the world, making it one of the fastest-growing certifications in the world. The PMP Exam requires a huge effort and extensive preparations in order to pass the exam and become certified. Passing the PMP exam is really difficult, and failing it isn’t exactly farfetched. In fact, some project managers took the PMP exam three to four times before they could pass.

But If you plan to go ahead with CBTproxy, you just have to pay 2 prices. Exam fees and Our fees. You are free of all the other costs which you must normally pay. Also, if you fail the exam and wants to retake the exam, your exam fees will be on us. The difficulty lies in the fact that the exam tests not only the memory of the concepts but the practical application of them. When you add the pressure of time (you need to answer 200 questions in 240 minutes), it becomes terrifying for even a seasoned project manager. Find even more info on Pass PMP.

Do you have any tips for the PMP exam day? On the exam day, it is important to remain calm and confident. Based on my experience, I must say, the most crucial thing is to finish the exam in 4 hours. There will be many questions that cannot be answered with 100% confidence so better to mark them for review for further analysis. Flag such questions for review and allocate 15-20 minutes for them. Also re-visiting the formulas and key concepts day before the exam will boost the confidence level.

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