Meet Tim Trilioni and some of his music? Tim Trilioni is Soul music’s new prince of the song. When asked how he stays so active he stated “by staying even more active. I have to get some heavy cardio in before the start of each day.” From what we can see, Tim Trilioni is active and ready for any challenge. This talented icon is a consultant to fashion brands around the world. He consults with fashion outlets to keep their gear fresh, sporty and contemporary. Just like Tim Trilioni’s music– his fashion sense is just as diverse as the music he makes. This pop culture guru has his hand in every aspect of the industry.

There are so many acts in today’s urban music scene, but Tim Trillioni demands attention in this overcrowded market. If only for the simple reason, that he really brings something new to the table. And when you throw in all the other qualities he delivers through his songs, it almost becomes essential that you listen to a Tim Trillioni. A good place to start would be his latest single “By My Side”, which sticks closer to the mainstream urban cannon, without Tim losing his quant artistic integrity.

Trilioni has healed people through his benevolent assistance. This quick witted and talented lyricist is also connected to the production houses called ‘Arista’ and ‘Wizard Words Media Group’ that has futuristic facilities. Also, he is gearing up for the release of his upcoming album ‘Black gold Rush’ slated to be released by June or July this year. In the track ‘Scenario’, there is a soulful and dark sound that is very rich in fervor which stands to be the most lovable aspect of his songs. In this track, Tim Trilioni vocalizes a unique and contemporary flare that’s all his own. Listen Tim Trilioni – By My Side at New Orleans Singers – Tim Trilioni.

Tim Trilioni is Soul music’s new sovereign of tune. When asked how he remains so dynamic he expressed “by remaining considerably more dynamic. I need to get some hefty cardio in before the beginning of every day.” From what we can see, Tim Trilioni is dynamic and prepared for any test. This skilled symbol is a specialist to form brands far and wide. He talks with style outlets to keep their rigging new, lively and contemporary Mental Health Advocacy. Much the same as Tim Trilioni’s music- — his style sense is similarly as assorted as the music he makes.

Make sure to check out Tim Trilioni’s long-awaited for ep set to drop 9-10-20. We are anticipating nonstop thrill in this ep. Judging by the first two songs on the ep, “by my side” and “corona virus” we are sure it will exceed our expectations! Be spellbound by the dark rich and soulful sounds of artist Tim Trilioni. He brings a powerful but subtle edge to today’s music scene blending contemporary R and B, Hip Hop, New Orleanian Blues, Jazz, Afro-rhythm, Samba and Classical sounds together for an interesting listening experience. Find the song on